Brahim Gaies

Lecturer in Financial Economics


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris

Research Areas

Micro-, Macroeconomics, Financial Theory, International Trade, Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Game Theory, Econometrics, Statistics, Entrepreneurship, Scientific Research Seminar

Teaching Areas

Micro-, Macroeconomics, Financial Theory, International Trade,?Asset Management, Corporate Finance,?Game Theory, Econometrics, Statistics,?Entrepreneurship,?Scientific Research Seminar

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Brahim Gaies is Teacher-Researcher of Economics and Finance at IPAG Business School. He is also Associate Researcher at laboratory “State and Development”, University of Tunis. Previously, he was in teaching positions at French Universities and abroad. As a university lecturer he held numerous modules in micro- and macroeconomics, financial management, econometrics and business and corporate culture. His research domain is focused on financial macroeconomics, especially the study of the phenomenon of financial globalization. His research is oriented towards international journals in economics and finance, for instance: Journal of International Development, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of European Economic History.


Gaies, B. “Structural Reforms and Economic Development in North African Countries”, (2017) Hammamet, Tunisia, October 20th-21st.

Gaies, B. “Financial Globalization, Financial Instability and Growth: an empirical view”, (2017) 8th International Research Meeting in Business and Management, IPAG-Nice, France.

Gaies, B. “Globalization For Peace”, Conference (Université de la Paix), (2016) La Fondation d’Allemagne, Paris-France.


Since 2017: Lecturer. IPAG Business School, Paris, France.

2017: Lecturer. University of Paris VIII

2016: Research Fellow (ATER), Economix. University of Nanterre, France

2015: Lecturer. IéSEG Business School, Paris, France.

2014: Lecturer. ESSCA-Boulogne, France

2013: Lecturer. University of Tunis, Tunisia.

2012: Interim Manager of the company TENDER SEASON – Tunis: Société de Commerce International (TENDER SEASON – Tunis: Company of International Trade), during its creation and launch.


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