After the bachelor: what studies? What opportunities?

03 Sep 2019

What to do after a bachelor

With an excellent employment rate and its multiple possibilities of specialisation in business management,?the bachelor degree?is a popular diploma for students as it is appreciated by recruiters. For those wanting to delay their entry onto the job market and continue with their studies, this diploma offers the possibility to join a master's degree within a business school or to join a university course.?So, what to do after a bachelor? Choose a professional life? Continue with your studies??We will explain all of the possibilities available to you after obtaining your bachelor's degree.


Integrating into the job market after a bachelor


To choose to obtain a?bachelor's degree,?is to give oneself the opportunity to pursue a relatively short higher education while earning a diploma particularly appreciated by the professional world. To prove the highly professional nature of this diploma:?the majority of students who have obtained a bachelor find a job just after they leave school.?At IPAG Business School, 99% of students are hired less than 6 months after graduating.?For the holders of a bachelor's degree, there are a lot of opportunities, whether in France or abroad: international manager,?business development manager, operational manager, buyer, social media manager,?marketing manager, etc.

These good integration figures are due to the experience you accumulate during the course and the educational content particularly adapted to the company’s needs. Whether in initial training or as part of an apprenticeship programme[1],?this course allows you to quickly acquire a great professional experience thanks to doing internships within companies, often mandatory, every year. For example, our Bachelor's graduates accumulate 12 to 18 months of professional experience during their three years of study. Also,?many professional teachers, French or foreign, come to bring their field experience and entrepreneurship to bachelor students. At the end of your studies,?you are operational to integrate into job market serenely.


Continuing your studies after a bachelor


The second option available for you after obtaining your bachelor's degree, is?to continue with your studies to obtain a 4 to 5 year degree. From university courses to the various programmes offered by leading business schools, there are many opportunities in higher education for those whose professional project requires a higher degree.


Have a master's degree at the university


Masters programmes offered by French universities are?open to bachelor graduates targeted by the Ministry of National Education?or registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP). The university courses are different in the master cycle in a business school by their organisation, their structure, their rhythm and their opportunities.


Choose the Grande école Programme with the AMBITIONS + exam


IPAG, a "post-baccalaureate" business school, offers to both young bachelor's graduates and holders of a bachelor's degree the opportunity to integrate into their Grande école Programme. For this, students in the 3rd year of Bachelor must compulsorily[2]?enter the contest AMBITIONS + to integrate into the IPAG Grande école Programme.?Each year, many IPAG Bachelor students present themselves at the competition and successfully integrate the Grande école Programme?in the fourth year thanks to a specific support.

The Grande école Programme is a diploma, worth 5 years at degree level of masters at IPAG, offered by many leading business schools. This course, also includes internships in France and abroad, finally allows you?to specialise in a specific field, usually from the Master cycle. This programme covers various areas of specialisation: finance, management, human resources, international trade, marketing, etc.

By obtaining this diploma, you can apply for positions with greater responsibility as soon as you enter the job market or specialise within a particular business sector. Our students can also customise their master's degree course with a choice of majors and specialisations:

  • Major Finance & Markets
  • Major Marketing & Digital
  • Major Marketing & Commercial Strategy
  • Major International Management
  • Major Human Resources Management
  • Major Corporate Finance & Audit
  • Major International Business & Supply Chain
  • Major Entrepreneurship

Continue your studies with an MBA


Finally, after a bachelor's degree,?you can also continue your studies in higher education to obtain a diploma of 4 or 5 years degree level with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). This degree, oriented internationally, allows you to choose a specialisation in a specific area of business management while allowing you to acquire solid knowledge in international management.

At IPAG, you can integrate into?a specialised MBA in French or in English.

MBA in French:

  • MBA in Management of Cultural Activities
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in New Technologies & Communication
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Fashion and Art Management

MBA in English:

  • MBA in International Human Resource Management
  • MBA in International Trade
  • MBA in International Hospitality Management
  • MBA in Luxury Brand Management
  • MBA Energy & Sustainable Development Management



[1]??The IPAG Bachelor program is available in apprenticeship for the 1st and 2nd years of the Bachelor cycle at our Nice campus.

[2]?The procedure is different for students holding an international degree. For more information, you can contact IPAG admission service:?[email protected]


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