Clément Dubreuil

Lecturer of Marketing


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris

Research Areas

Consumer Research, Marketing

Teaching Areas


  • Biography
  • Selected publications
  • Professional experiences


Clement Dubreuil is a Lecturer in Marketing at IPAG Business School. He is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Marketing at the Panthéon-Sorbonne Management School. He has extensive professional experience, having spent over 10 years in various marketing roles at Danone (2004-2014) and marketing and sales at L’Oréal (2001-2004) as well as having launched his own consultancy, based in Paris and Warsaw. He has taught Marketing at several business schools in Paris including ESSEC, ESCP Europe and IESEG while undertaking a range of research project focused mainly on consumer research and marketing.


Rieunier S., Daucé D., Dion D., Dubreuil C., Gallopel-Morvan K., Gentric M., Goudey A., Maille V., Remy E., Rouley B. (2017). Marketing sensoriel et expérientiel du point de vente (5e éd.). Paris: Dunod.

Dubreuil C. et Dion D. (2016), Sociomatérialité des expériences de foule: une étude des communitas dans les stades, 15èmes Journées Nationales de la Recherche sur la Consommation, Caen.

Dubreuil C. et Dion D. (2016), Sociomateriality and performativity: exploring the experience of crowd, 12th Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Lille.


2011-2014: Brand Marketing Manager Volvic and Media Manager for all the brands of the 2014 Business Unit, Danone Waters France

2010-2011: Brand Marketing Manager Salvetat, Taillefine and CRM, Danone Waters France

2009-2010: Senior Brand Manager La Salvetat and CRM, Danone Waters France

2007-2008: Senior Brand Manager Evian, Danone Waters France

2004-2007: Junior Brand Manager on cross-Business-Unit promotions, Danone CRM Unit


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