Executive MBA



  • September


  • Part-time

Graduation diploma

  • 5-year degree

Teaching languages

  • English English
  • Chinese Chinese


Delivered in China and part-time, the Executive Master of Business Administration from IPAG is an international 5-year degree, which is aimed at experienced executives wishing to boost their career and bring academic legitimacy to their professional path. The course lasts a year and a half and consists of two parts:

  • one year of advanced skills in marketing, finance and strategy;
  • 6 months of research related to the activity of your company sanctioned by the defence of a thesis.


Minimum conditions for entry into the programme
? Bachelor's degree (or Zhuangke) at an accredited university
? 5 years of professional experience

Composition of the application file
? Curriculum vit? (CV)
? Proof of identity
? Letter of recommendation or proof of acquisition of professional experience
? Letter of recommendation from a professor from the candidate's home university
? Copy of diplomas obtained

The stages of the admission process
? Evaluation of the application file
? Motivational interview

Rapha?l Lissillour : [email protected]

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  • Programme
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Executive MBA

Year 1: Learning phase

  • Part-time

Thanks to its 8 courses divided into 3 educational categories, the 1st year of the course allows you to develop or acquire all the skills necessary to exercise the highest responsibilities within a company. In addition, research methodology courses prepare you to design your thesis subject.

Year 2: Research phase

  • Part-time

Supervised by a tutor with whom you are in regular contact, you conduct your field study and write your thesis. Its subject must relate to a specific activity of your company which will benefit from your work.

In Short

Type of Degree

5-year degree


●Bachelor's degree (or Zhuangke) at an accredited university
●5 years of professional experience

Teaching language



2 years


Beijing (China)
Shanghai (China)

Tuition fees

€16 000 per year

Year 1

Learning Phase

Business Essentials

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability & Ethics

Global Business & Management

  • Global Strategy
  • Global Marketing
  • Global Mindset


  • Research method
  • Master thesis

Year 2

Research Phase


Obtaining an Executive MBA allows you to give a new impetus to your career but also to legitimise your professional experience by a certain recognition of academic circles. Your research also helps you to develop a new vision of your activity.

Tuition fees

€16 000 per year