How does admission to the General Management Diploma work?

Admission to the General Management Diploma is validated following an interview before a jury aimed at assessing the suitability of the candidate's professional project with the training.

Do I have the right profile to follow the General Management Diploma?

The Diploma in General Management is open to holders of the baccalaureate or equivalent in the first year. In the 2nd year, the training is open to holders of the baccalaureate or equivalent and to have completed one year of studies in management and management in higher education.

I am not of French nationality, can I extend the duration of my visa after entering France via a short-term visa?

It is impossible to change a short-term visa for a long-term visa without leaving French soil during the process. You will be asked to return to your country of origin and apply for a new visa.

We advise you to apply for a long-term visa (VLS-TS) because the duration of this type of visa can be extended without leaving French soil.

I am not of French nationality, how can I obtain a visa?

The conditions for obtaining a visa depend on your nationality. To find out which process concerns you, please consult the explanatory page on the Campus France site:

I am not of French nationality, what are the immigration rules to study at IPAG?

If you enter France via a long-term student visa (VLS-TS), you must apply to obtain a residence permit. Our International Relations teams are available to help students manage these requests. For more information on the procedure, please contact the IPAG international service at: [email protected].

If you enter France via a short-term visa (less than 90 bears), you do not need to apply for a residence permit.

Whatever their profile, citizens of the European Union do not need a residence permit.

I am not of French nationality, do I need a visa to study at IPAG?

The type of visa required depends on the duration of your programme:
Students coming to France to follow a short-term program (less than 90 days) must apply for a short-term visa, valid in the Schengen Area.

Depending on your nationality, you may not need a visa to attend a short-term program. To find out the procedure specific to your nationality, please refer to (

Students of all nationalities wishing to study in France for more than 90 days must have a long-term visa and a residence permit (VLS-TS). The VLS-TS is generally issued for a period of one year renew-able in France at the end of the validity period if the student is enrolled in a full-time course in France.
Depending on your nationality, you can request a VLS-TS from your embassy / consulate or from Campus France if the organisation is present in your country.

Please note that the visa is only valid for entering France. Students wishing to stay in France for more than 90 days must also have a residence permit.

After enrolment and once your enrolment letter has been received and the first payment has been made to IPAG Business School:
Register with Campus France to finalise your application and obtain a student visa. This procedure is valid for nationals in the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Came-roon, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo Brazzaville, South Korea, Ivory Coast, United States, Gabon, Guinea, India, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Senegal, Rus-sia, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam.

If you are not a national of one of the above-mentioned countries, it is necessary that you contact the French embassy present in your country. Your visa will reach you within about 2 months.

Please note that citizens of the European Union, Andorra, Monaco, Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican do not need a visa.

What are the start dates?

Returns for all IPAG programmes are made between August 27 and September 10 of each year. To know the precise date corresponding to your program, your year and your specialisation, please contact [email protected].

For IPAG Executive Education programs, please contact [email protected].


How to apply?

For all IPAG programmes, it is possible to submit your application via the dedicated page "Application".

For applicants with a French diploma, admission to the Grande école Programme is subject to the Sesame and Ambitions + exams.

The Sesame exam gives access to the Grande école Programme in the 1st year.
The Ambitions+ exam makes it possible to join the programme directly in the 3rd or 4th year.