Corporate Relations

How can I teach at IPAG?

IPAG offers its graduates and the professionals accompanying it to participate in the education of future generations. To know all the possibilities of collaboration, please consult the recruitment page.

How to activate my account on the IPAG ALUMNI site?

To activate your account on the IPAG Alumni platform, please send your request by email to [email protected], specifying your last name, first name and date of birth. We will send you an ac-count activation link valid for 10 days. After this time, you will have to renew your request.

How can I submit a job offer on IPAG ALUMNI?

If you are a student or a graduate, connect to the site using your credentials then click on "offers" to submit your opportunities. They will be identified as “network offers”.

If you are a professional who has not graduated from IPAG, it is necessary to create a “recruiter” account beforehand on the site Once your account has been created, the process for submitting your offer is identical to that explained above.

How can I get the contact details of an IPAG graduate?

If you are an IPAG Alumni member, you have access to the online directory on the IPAG Alumni site.

In order to have the contact details of a graduate, simply log in with your credentials, then enter the name of the person you are looking for in the search bar and click on their name to access their file.

How to become a partner of IPAG?

To initiate a partnership between your company and the IPAG Business School, please contact Nina Menesclou, Corporate Relations Officer at [email protected].

What is the legal framework for internships in terms of gratuity?

Gratuity is compulsory when the trainee's presence is greater than 2 months during the school or university teaching year, that is to say:
·?? ?more than 44 days of presence, consecutive or not, for a schedule of 7 hours per day;
·?? ?or more than 308 hours of presence, even non-continuously, on the basis of a different dai-ly duration.

Otherwise the gratuity remains optional for the employer.
The minimum amount of the gratuity must appear in the internship agreement and is assessed at the time of signing.

The hourly rate of gratuity is equal to € 3.75 per hour of internship.
You will find all the legal information on the Public Service website.

Where can I find the calendar of internship periods?

The calendar of internship periods is fully available on the IPAG Alumni website. You will find a detailed description of the different internships on our 2 campuses in Paris and Nice on the dedicated page “Companies”.