I am not of French nationality, can I work in France after obtaining my diploma at IPAG?

It is possible to work in France after graduating from IPAG under certain conditions.

Foreign students who have just obtained a diploma at least equivalent to a Master and who wish to complete their course with professional experience in France, with a view to returning to their country of origin subsequently, may be granted a temporary residence permit of 6 months, non-renewable.

This first professional experience must participate (directly or indirectly) in the economic develop-ment of France and the student's country of origin. A residence permit is issued upon the expira-tion of the graduate's "student" residence permit.

The request must be made to a French prefecture, at the latest 4 months before the expiry date of the student's current residence permit.

Work Authorisation :

During the period of validity of the temporary residence permit, young graduates are allowed to seek employment and work in a position directly related to the education they have received.

For their first professional experience, it is necessary that they receive remuneration the amount of which must reach at least one and a half times that of the French minimum wage (SMIC), that is to say € 2,015.65 gross per month.

Depending on their professional situation, young graduates may be authorised to work anywhere in the territory or in one or more targeted geographic areas.

I graduated from IPAG. How do I get a certificate of my diploma or a copy of my report cards?

It is possible to make a specific request to the IPAG Business School to obtain a copy of your diploma. For more information, contact the Student Office - [email protected].

I graduated with a 4-year degree from IPAG. Is it equivalent to a Master?

Whatever the year of obtaining your 4-year diploma at IPAG Business School, it cannot be equivalent to a Master. It is however possible to obtain a Master equivalence through the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE). The VAE is offered by IPAG Executive Education which applies a preferential rate for the graduates of IPAG. For more information, please contact [email protected].

How can I give lessons at IPAG?

IPAG offers its graduates and the professionals accompanying it to participate in the education of future generations. To know all the possibilities of collaboration, please consult the dedicated sec-tion “Take part in our teaching”.

How to activate my account on the IPAG ALUMNI site?

To activate your account on the IPAG Alumni platform, please send your request by email to
[email protected] specifying your surname, first name and date of birth. We will send you an account activation link valid for 10 days. After this time, you will have to renew your request.

How can I submit a job offer on IPAG ALUMNI?

If you are a student or a graduate, connect to the site using your credentials then click on "offers" to submit your opportunities. They will be identified as “network offers”.

If you are a professional who has not graduated from IPAG, it is necessary to create a “recruiter” account beforehand on the site once your account has been created, the process for submitting your offer is identical to that explained above.

How can I get the contact details of an IPAG graduate?

If you are an IPAG Alumni member, you have access to the online directory on the IPAG Alumni site.

In order to have the contact details of a graduate, simply log in with your credentials, then enter the name of the person you are looking for in the search bar and click on their name to access their file.

I am a member of the alumni association. How do I know if I am up to date with my contribution?
To know the status of your contributions, simply log on to and click on "my contributions". This page will show your contribution history and your current status.

I graduated. How can I benefit from the job search assistance advice offered by IPAG Business School?

If you are looking for a job, IPAG Career & Alumni offers a large number of services such as personalised career coaching (by appointment), an online CV bank, workshops and webinars… find all the information on the “Career Centre” page of the dedicated platform.

Why contribute to the IPAG Alumni association?

By becoming a subscriber contributing to the associate IPAG Alumni, you contribute to the development of IPAG Alumni, enhance your network and benefit from:
·?? ?Access to the online directory;
·?? ?The right to navigate without restriction on all sections of the site;
·?? ?The possibility of being invited in a privileged manner to certain events;
·?? ?Preferential rates for IPAG Alumni events and access to all career services (CV library, job offers, candidate space, etc.)