Programmes & Curricula

What is VAP?

The Validation of Professional Acquisitions (V.A.P. 85) allows direct access to training without hav-ing the required diploma, by validating professional experience (salaried or not), training followed or personal achievements developed outside of any training system.

How long is a semester?

Each semester at IPAG Business School lasts 4 months. Each year consists of 2 semesters. Depending on your program, a semester can also be occupied by an internship.

What is VAE?

The VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) allows you to obtain a diploma, a professional title or certificate of professional qualification by highlighting skills acquired during a professional, union or association career.

This certification must be registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).

Anyone, whatever their age, nationality, status and level of training, who has at least 1 year of ex-perience directly related to the certification in question, can claim the VAE.

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What do you get after taking a short course?

Short training allows you to obtain an individual training certificate.

Where can I find the calendar of internship periods?

The calendar of internship periods is fully available on the IPAG Alumni website.

You will find a detailed description of the different internships on our 2 campuses in Paris and Nice on the dedicated page “Internship periods”.

How is the expatriation going?

In the Grande école Programme:
Expatriation takes place in the third year for all students. Students who joined the program in 1st year spend the entire 3rd year abroad. This year is made up of a semester of study and a semester of internship or a volunteer mission. Students admitted to parallel admissions directly in the 3rd year spend the 1st semester on one of the IPAG campuses in France and the 2nd semester abroad.

All students of the Grande école Program can choose to study at one of the 130 IPAG partner uni-versities located in 35 countries. Find the list of partner universities on the "Presentation of the school" page.

To prepare for expatriation, all students take the TOEFL in 2nd year. Students make 5 wishes (one for each partner university in which they wish to complete their study semester) validated or not by the teaching teams of IPAG.

In Bachelor

Bachelor students can move abroad in the third year for a semester, depending on the course and the campus chosen.

Students of the Bachelor Commerce International can expatriate one semester in the first year and one semester in the third year.

Bachelor Marketing & Digital Communication - Paris: One semester in the third year on the associ-ated IPAG campuses in Riverside (USA) or Kunming (China).

Bachelor in Luxury Management - Paris: One semester in the third year on the associated IPAG campuses in Riverside (USA) or Kunming (China). Or international internship
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation - Paris: One semester in the third year on the associat-ed IPAG campuses in Riverside (USA) or Kunming (China).

Bachelor Commerce International - Nice: An international internship in the 1st year. One semester in the United Kingdom in 3rd year at the University of South Wales (Marketing or Logistics & Supply Chain specialisation) or the Nottingham Business School (International Business Administration specialisation).

What are the paths of IPAG graduates?

IPAG graduates are present in a variety of sectors and trades. You will find some concrete examples, sector by sector, by consulting our alumni page.

How can I contact the Program Directors?

To contact the director of the Grande école Programme and the IPAG Bachelor programme, please write directly to [email protected].

If you would like to contact the IPAG International Programme Directors (BBA, MBA, MSc, DBA), please write to [email protected].