French Savoir-Faire

  • Stéphanie Delmotte


IPAG’s French Savoir-Faire research chair was founded in 2018 to analyse international perception of made in France products and contributes to their international image.

Telling the world about France’s economic success
French companies and the French economy have a long and great history. Yet, France fails to draw on its economic success story in order to increase its international attractiveness. Its strengths are certainly recognised, and strategic ingenuity, excellence in mathematics, general culture and attention to detail are today perceived as essential parts of French savoir-faire. However, unlike Germany’s Deutsche Qualit?t or the United States’ American Dream, France’s French Touch does not have a clear, attractive and reassuring brand identity. Its spirit of innovation, idealism, generosity and glamour is not properly communicated through a federative concept.

Building a genuine French brand
IPAG established its French Savoir-Faire research chair in 2018 to contribute to addressing this challenge. The chair, which is headed by economist economist Jean-Hervé Lorenzi and directed by Franck Dedieu – professor at IPAG, former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of L’Expansion –, monitors and analyses the international perception of France as a major player in the economic globalisation.

What are France’s key strengths and weaknesses? What are its singularities? How are major French groups perceived from abroad? To which successes and values is France most frequently associated with? Monitoring these indicators in nearly 150 countries will allow the chair to create a French brand barometer. Each year, it will assess the international outreach of France, as well as the stability and confidence it inspires as a business actor.

The chair will also develop economic policy and business strategy recommendations with the aim of contributing to the emergence of a genuine discussion about the French brand. Finally, it will encourage the sharing of experience between companies and political decision-makers through its scientific publications and its high-level conferences and seminars.


The Chair extends a long tradition of public interest launched in 1965 by the founder of IPAG, Jacques Rueff, economist and academician. Mandated by General Charles de Gaulle, he participated in the renewal of French industrial landscape. Today, the necessity to adapt French economy to a new technological environment arises again. With this Chair, IPAG Business School has decided to meet the challenge with its partners willing to reconcile performance, equity and civic engagement.

Jean Hérvé Lorenzi
President of Cercle des Economistes
Fran?ois-Xavier Albouy
Research Director
Chaired by Jean Hérvé Lorenzi, President of Cercle des Economistes, the Chair is supported by the endowment fund of IPAG Business School, strongly engaged in research (around 120 scientific publications per year that makes the school the third laboratory of Grandes Ecoles de Management in France taking place in Shanghai Ranking). The Scientific Team of the Chair will be directed by Franck Dedieu, Researcher at IPAG Business School, who will lead the Scientific Direction together with Dr Fran?ois-Xavier Albouy, Research Director.



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