Inclusive Enterprise

  • Maria-Giuseppina Bruna

    Full Professor of Management

IPAG’s Towards an Inclusive Company research chair was launched in 2016 and supports the rise and optimisation of diversity and inclusion initiatives within organisations.
IPAG’s ‘Entreprise Inclusive’ Chair is the first one in France which focuses on the links between agility, inclusion and innovation. It combines action-research, training and dissemination. Strategic partner of the French Association of Diversity Managers (AFMD), it contributes to the optimisation of CSR approaches and to the diversity within organisations and invests in the field of companies prospective and their management.
Founded and directed by Prof. Dr. Maria Giuseppina BRUNA, the Chair is sponsored by: the Fondation égalité Mixité (founded by Axa, Engie, Orange and Michelin), the Carrefour Group, The Michelin Corporate Foundation, the TOTAL Group, the CBRE France Group, the VYV Group (and formerly the Mutex entity), the IFEC (French Institute of Chartered Accountants and Auditors) associated with VYV Group, the Fondation Michelin, the Total Group, the Association for the management of the fund for the integration of disabled people (Agefiph) and the Federation of Senior Managers and Managers of the Energy Sector (FNCS).
It is supported by the OGILVY Group, as part of the Leadership programme, a multi-year training programme for a hundred managers and OGILVY France's COMEX, designed and supported by IPAG Executive Education and the IPAG Chair ‘Entreprise Inclusive’.
With a team of specialised university lecturer and researchers and renowned experts, the Chair directs a dozen action-research programmes and twenty research fields simultaneously.
It pursues an aim of general interest and combines: support for change within organisations, production of knowledge and training (initial and on-going).
Supporting companies in their transition
Our Towards an Inclusive Company research chair was founded in 2016 to assist organisations in addressing these challenges, and is the first French action-research chair focused on agility and inclusion.
The chair, which is directed by Maria Giuseppina Bruna – PhD, tenured professor in management, and Ethics and CSR Director at IPAG, internationally recognised expert in diversity management, change management and CSR –, contributes to the optimisation of CSR and diversity initiatives within organisations by articulating a strategic diagnosis, operational support and social audit approach. It also develops an innovative approach to modelling and assessing the CSR performance of companies. The Inclusive Business chair works in close collaboration with the business world. It relies on its strategic partnership with the Association Fran?aise Des Managers De La Diversité (French Association of Diversity Managers) (AFMD), and has developed special relationships with the Association Nationale Des Directeurs Des Ressources Humaines (National Association of Human Resources Directors) (ANDRH) and the Fondation Agir Contre L’exclusion (Act against Exclusion Foundation) (FACE).
The chair’s team of specialised professor-researchers and renowned experts simultaneously carry out about ten action-research programmes and twenty research fields in synergy with its partners and with the support of its sponsors.
Thanks to its ? Women & Networks ? programme, our Towards an Inclusive Company research chair received an award during the first tender process of the Fondation égalité-Mixité (Equality-Diversity Foundation), which was founded by Axa, Engie, Orange and Michelin, and is carried out under the auspices of FACE. This programme, which was developed in partnership with the école des Mines of Albi-Carmaux and the AFMD, revolves around the strategic and prospective study of women’s networks and diversity networks as agility and inclusion laboratories.

Training tomorrow’s managers and managing talent in companies
As a strategic partner of the IPAG Executive Education, Towards an Inclusive Company oversees the ? Diversity and Inclusion ? continuing education program, which is implemented in collaboration with the AFMD. The chair also partners with IPAG Executive Education’s master’s programme: the DMG.
As part of its mission of general interest and training of new generations of managers and executives, the chair has incubated and supported pedagogy innovations, concerning the IPAG’s initial training program.
??? ?The ethics and CSR discovery report is attached to all internship and traineeship reports from students in their 1st year of master’s degree. This exercise, which is unique in France, aims to stimulate observation and public awareness among students.
??? ?The cross-disciplinary programme: ? overlapping perspectives on ethics ?.
??? ?The Ethics Day is an innovative educational initiative targeted at 2nd-year students from the Paris and Nice campuses. It relies on a partnership between research, training and practice, as well as on a practical translation of inclusive management concepts. The Ethics Day consists of a teaching session, an applied case study, and an entertaining and participative practical exercise.

Tax benefits
Whether you are a company or an individual, your financial contribution entitles you to a tax benefit.
Companies: you are entitled to a corporate tax reduction, the amount of which is equal to 60% of your donation and subject to a limit of 5‰ of your revenues.
Individuals: you are entitled to an income tax reduction, the amount of which is equal to 66% of your donation and subject to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

Prof. Dr.? Maria Giuseppina Bruna, Director of Ethics and ‘CSR Strategy and Research’ of the IPAG Business School Group; Full Professor in Management and Director of the IPAG Chair ‘Towards an Inclusive Company’.
E-mail: [email protected]


Conference ‘Diversités d’été” (Summer University of Diversity), organized, Chair IPAG “Towards an Inclusive Company” / Les Voix de la Paix, Paris, July 2018.

Conference “Social Responsibility of Companies and engagement of citizens-employees, organized by the Chair, the VYV Group and the ANDRH, in partnership with AGEFIPH, June 2018.

Conference “Towards an inclusive enterprise”, Paris Wine Business Club, Paris (Bristol Hotel), December 2017.

European Congress of EAPM (European Association of Personal Managers), Paris, Economic, Social & Environmental Council, October 2017 [ The international round table of the conference focusing on ?Diversity & Inclusion? was chaired by Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna]

The ANDRH PACA / AIDP Liguria-Piemonte conference “The new territories of HR Management”, Nice, October 2017 (in the framework of the IPAG Nice/ANDRH PACE partnership led by Dr. Marie-José Scotto and the IPAG Nice Research teams),

Round table “CSR: a profitable concept?”, organized by the Chair in cooperation with the International Institute of Social Audit, in synergy with the Research Teams of the IPAG Campus in Nice, the European Chair of Collaborative Economics of IPAG and EMEDIO Consultancy Group, Nice, July 2017.


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