Validation of Learning from Experience

The Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) allows you to make recognised the knowledge and skills resulting from your professional and personal experience in order to obtain all or part of a higher education diploma (Article R613-32 to R613-37 of the Education Code).

The VAE takes into account the professional skills acquired when your were employed, non-employed and voluntary activities, lasting at least 1 year, directly related to the content of the title or diploma.


It can take 9 to 12 months (national average for all certifications combined) from admissibility to final decision.

Project definition


Recourse to the free assistance of a regional public service guidance body, in particular the bodies empowered to provide career development advice.

Feasibility of the project / choice of certification


Free help from EAV counselling centres: List on

Submission of the request for admissibility by the applicant ( BOOK 1)


Deposit with the "certifying" body. This body or its delegated body verifies the direct report and the duration of activity in relation to the certification in question.

Drafting of the validation file by the candidate (BOOK 2) Accompaniment recommended

MANDATORY - Deposit with the "certifying" body or its delegated body.

OPTIONAL/RECOMMENDED - Accompaniment by the certifying body.

Evaluation defence with the validation jury


Presentation before the evaluation jury. According to the certifiers, possible reconstituted work situation.